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We have the largest choice competitively priced glasses. From budget to designer be assured our trained staff will advise you on the latest frame collections to make you look and feel great.


How often should I have my eyes checked?

It can be different for each person but as long as your eyes are healthy, a general comprehensive eye examination is recommended after every one to two years. Contact lens wearers should be checked yearly to ensure that the cornea and anterior part of the eyes stay healthy.


What does my eye exam include?

All comprehensive eye exams are performed by our Optometrists. The exam not only determines your prescription but it also aids the Optometrists in detecting: high blood pressure, diabetes, and retinal and corneal disorders. The exam also includes cataracts and glaucoma screening.


I don't think I have any problems with my eye sight, do I still need an eye exam?

YES! Our Optometrists will be able to detect early signs of various sight-threatening diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Together with other tests, we can also detect neurological diseases and glaucoma, a potentially blinding disease if left untreated. Early detection and prevention are crucial to the successful treatment of these diseases. It is recommended for the young and healthy individuals to have their eyes examined at least once every two years, if they are not a contact lens wearer and annually, if they are.


I don't feel my vision has changed since my last sight test why do I still need to have a check up?

Even if you feel your vision hasn’t changed it is still recommended to have regular checks as there are many conditions which if caught early can be treated, hopefully preventing loss of vision. General health problems can also be found.


If I have a sight test will I have to get new glasses?

There is never any obligation to buy glasses because you’ve had a check. After your check the optometrist you’ve seen will discuss their findings and will only recommend a new prescription if they feel it will help to improve your current vision.


Am I entitled to a free sight test?

Click here for a link to our page with information on NHS eligibility.


What is refraction error?

Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are different types of eye disorders or refractive errors. In the normal eye, light enters through the front of the eye at the cornea and is directed to a single point at the back of the eye on the retina. In an eye with a refractive error, the light is not directed to a single point to the back of the eye but in front of the retina. This is known as myopia or nearsightedness. When the light is directed to a point behind the retina, the refractive error is known as hyperopia or farsightedness. The refractive error known as astigmatism occurs when the light is sent to two points behind, in front of or on the retina.


When can I start bringing in my children to get their eyes tested?

If you are have no concerns then around about the age of 2 we can usually do very well checking them, however should you have concerns about their vision then any age is fine and wise to bring them in as soon as possible, please telephone for further advice.


How much are childrens glasses?

Some children’s glasses are completely free. However frames such as the popular Miraflex and Tomato do involve an extra cost. Please contact the practice for further information. Repairs are often covered by the NHS too!


What is the cheapest I can get glasses for?

Our frames start at £30 and our single vision standard lenses are £55. So you can get a complete pair from as little as £85. If you are entitled to help from the NHS then you may be entitled to a further £10 off your frame and in most situations the cost of the lenses are covered by the NHS. We often run special offers and promotions. Click here to view our latest offers.


Can I get any help towards the cost of my glasses?

You may be entitled to help from the NHS to help cover the cost of glasses, click here to find out more.


What designers do you stock?

We stock several designers and regularly update our ranges. Designers include Ray-Ban, Hugo Boss, Ted Baker, Elle, Jaeger, Esprit, Police, Calvin Klein. Click here to view our online catalogues.


I’ve got a particular style of frame in mind can you help me find something like it?

We have a wide range of choices in the practice and you can even view some of our designer ranges online here. If you don’t find something you like, please speak to our dispensing optician or dispensing assistant who will endeavour to find something suitable from our vast range of suppliers and catalogues, we can then order them in for you to view on approval without obligation. We pride ourselves on being able to source you just the right frame.


I really like my spectacles can I just get new lenses in them?

Usually it is possible to get new lenses fitted into old frames, however there are some risks associated with this, our dispenser can discuss these with you.


I’ve heard you can get scratch proof lenses, is this right?

It is possible to get a scratch resistant coatings on your lenses, which helps to protect them, however there are no totally scratch proof lenses available.


I’ve had some new flashing lights and/or floaters/black specs in my vision, should I be worried?

It is always recommended to get something like this checked urgently. Usually the NHS would cover the cost of this appointment. Please call the practice if you are experiencing anything unusual and we will be able to help you. See our section on floaters and flashing lights on the website here.


Do you have any information and advice about common eye problems such as dry eyes?

Click here to see the section on our website dedicated to informing you on many conditions such as dry eyes. If you have any further questions please call the practice and we will be able to advise you.


I want to try contact lenses how do I go about this?

Call the practice and one of our receptionists will be able to book you in for an appointment. You may need to have a sight test as well, depending on when you last had one. Our optometrists will give you advice as to suitability and the initial assessment and trial is free.

Can I buy contact lenses from you?

If you have a valid prescription you can buy contact lenses from us, click here to see the ranges of contact lenses we can supply.


Can I lose my contact lens behind my eye?

No, however if you ever dislodge a lens and find you can't remove it give us a call and one of our Optometrists will remove it for you.


How long is an appointment?

Appointments are approximately 30mins. But rest assured, we will spend whatever time is necessary to give you a thorough and appropriate eye examination.


What happens if I’m late for my appointment?

We would always try to see you if possible because we understand these things happen, however you may need to rebook out of courtesy to the next patient.


Do you have after work appointments or are you open on Saturdays?

We are open late on Thursdays, offering appointments as late as 6pm. We are also open on Saturday until 3pm.


Do you accept eyecare plan and eyecare vouchers?

Yes, as long as they are still in date and we also need to see photographic ID to go with them.


My work needs me to get safety glasses do you have these?

Yes we can supply these, either privately or through eyecare plan if your company is part of the scheme.


I need some sports specs for cycling and playing squash, can you get these?

We have examples of sports glasses in the practice and we also have assess to many different types of leisure wear spectacles, including snooker, cycling, skiing, swimming, shooting and diving, to name but a few. Please ring the practice or call in for further information.


Do you stock magnifying glasses?

We do have a selection of magnifying glasses in the practice. If you are looking for something in particular please call or email the practice and we’ll try our best to help.

Do you offer the dyslexia colour test?

We do not offer this test at present.

My glasses have broken can they be repaired?

We will try our best to mend your glasses, it is hard to say for definite if they are fixable without seeing them first. Please bring them in to the practice and our dispensing team will do everything they can to help.


What is the best way to clean my glasses?

We would recommend using a proper cleaning cloth and some spray cleaner, if you don’t have any cleaner, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.


Where is the nearest parking?

There is a NCP car park on George Hudson Street (access from toft green). There are also a few on street parking spaces at the top of Micklegate.


Do you have wheelchair access and are there any steps?

There are two steps in the practice up to the testing rooms, however we do have a portable ramp which can easily be used.


I have a blue badge where can I park nearby?

If you have a blue badge you can park nearby on North Street and Skeldergate for up to 3 hours. If you come by taxi and need a return taxi booking, please ask reception and they will be happy to organise this for you.



If we have not been able to answer your questions, please email or phone the practice and we will do our best to help you. 



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