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Bloom hearing specialists are here to help you find the best solution for your hearing. We operate from over 50 locations covering all of England and Wales with our network of branches and day clinics or our team of domiciliary Hearing Aid Audiologists can visit you in the convenience of your own home. We specialise in tailored support to meet individual needs because we appreciate that everyone is different. Your local audiologist is Matt Parry who has over 12 years of experience.

Hearing is vital to enjoying things most important to you such as family, work and social activities. But it can often take people a long time to realise they have a hearing problem.

We hear at many different frequencies and often hearing loss will mean we have difficulties at only some of those frequencies often the higher frequencies, which are the softer sounds like “ch”, “fr”, “t”. This means that you lose the clarity of speech because you don’t hear every syllable of a word. To compensate the brain guesses what has been said. This means the brain is working very hard and you can get very tired and find it hard to concentrate on the conversation especially if there is background noise to contend with as well.

What we often find is that people then start to slowly withdraw, they avoid social gatherings, restaurants, family events or if they attend they seem to be observing from the side lines rather than joining in. They feel that people are mumbling, that the TV is not as clear as it used to be, so they turn the sound up louder. Eventually this can end up with social isolation and living a much narrower life.

But it doesn’t have to be like that, Bloom can help you to regain your confidence and start living life to the full again. Our team of hearing aid audiologists will spend as much time as needed with you and as many visits as you need. As with buying new spectacles, your brain takes time to get used to clearer vision and better hearing, however with a hearing aid it takes a little longer and sometimes that can seem a bit overwhelming.

We know that many hearing aids end up in drawers because not enough time is spent on the rehabilitation side, trying the hearing aid in different environments and making fine adjustments to ensure you get the best hearing you can. At Bloom we pride ourselves in treating everyone as an individual and giving them the time and support they need for the life of the hearing aid to get the best hearing possible and the best quality of life.

What happens in a hearing test?

  • Hearing tests can take place in either a dedicated a practice or in your own home by a Bloom audiologist
  • A Hearing Aid Audiologist is a person who will assess your hearing, hearing needs and general ear-health
  • They are able to assess the suitability of various hearing aid systems that may be appropriate to the individual’s hearing needs
  • They can set-up, fit and tune the hearing systems to the individual’s needs and requirements.
  • They can identify any condition that may require an onward GP/NHS referral if appropriate.
  • Give advice, with regard to hearing, on the basis of improving the client’s quality of life
  • We do advise that you come along with a member of support (friend, family member) because there can be a lot of information, and hearing issues are often noticed by those close to you.
  • It’s not just a test, it’s a full consultation
  • The HA Audiologist will take a case history of your hearing concerns/issues and related ear-health history
  • They will ask questions (informally) to understand your hearing issues and needs; determine where your hearing loss affects your everyday life, privately and socially.
  • A series of ‘medical’ questions will be asked to determine if there are any underlying medical/clinical issues which may be affecting your hearing and/or which may require an onward NHS referral.
  • A variety of hearing tests are conducted to determine the nature and extent of any hearing loss.
  • The results and findings of the hearing tests will be discussed in easy and relevant terms.
  • You will be told if you do indeed have a loss and if you require hearing aids.
  • If you do have a hearing loss, the Hearing Aid Audiologist will explain why you hear what you can hear and what you can’t hear, and put them into context of everyday hearing.
  • The benefits of hearing aids will be discussed and how they will help improve your hearing
  • You will be fitted with a pair of demonstration hearing aids for you to appreciate first-hand the benefits they can provide.
  • The various models and technologies of hearing aids will be discussed.
  • The relevance of the various technological features will be explained and discussed with reference to your particular hearing needs
  • Once the appropriate hearing aid system is chosen, in consultation with the customer, a fitting appointment will be booked

Why choose us?

  • Bloom offer a range of hearing aids to suit all needs and budgets
  • 2 week Free Trial on most styles and fittings
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 4 year warranty
  • Free Aftercare for the lifetime of your hearing aid
  • Hearing aids available from under £17.50 per month. Ask your bloom consultant for more details


To book an appointment please contact Bloom hearing directly on 01724 869553 or email scunthorpe@bloomhearing.co.uk


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